Z Custom Testimonials

It's easy for us to tell you how great our products are - but of course, you expect that. What really matters is what you think. Following are letters from some of our customers and Product Reviews from industry professionals. Read why so many motorsport enthusiasts come to Z Custom Leathers for the absolute best in Custom Leather Apparel.


Sean Wally, San Jose, CA. writes...
While I was cataloging some photos I stumbled across some pictures taken at Track days at Thunderhill. It started me thinking about just how good my Z Custom suit is. The first photo was taken after I’d crashed on turn 5. The suit worked very well in helping to keep me from being very seriously injured. The photo is of the suit, dirty with mud on the elbow and back, on my trailer.

The second photo is of me on my bike and back in my Z back at thunder hill just two months later after my dislocated shoulder had healed up. The Z still looks as good as the day I bought even after it saved my skin during the crash.

Thanks again for a great racing suit!

Sean Wally


Mitch Boehm, Editor in Chief - Motorcyclist Magazine writes...
The Z Custom suit, like most of the top-shelf leathers coming from today's established makers, is both highly protective (even more so than the bulletproof Vanson suit it replaces) and superbly detailed, offering such features as venting, stretch sections in key areas for ease of movement, improved armor, a built-in back protector, etc. [read full article]


Dustin Coyner writes...
I recently crashed in my Z's during a race at Willow Springs. I was doing probably just over 100mph when I fell off. When I came off, the first thing to touch the ground was my shoulder, and from then on, I tumbled, and slid, seemingly forever. The only injury that I have is from that first impact with the ground; a separated shoulder. I don't even have so much as a mark on me. Some of my friends that have crashed in "the other guys" suits have received abrasions from inside of the suit as it doesn't exactly fit right. I have none of these wounds, as my suit fits me perfectly. Minutes after the crash, I had a friend drop the suit off in Adolph's hands for repairs.

"Thank you guys for the best fitting suits, the best service, and the
best crash protection anyone could ask for!"
Dustin Coyner
WSMC #586
Track Daz President


Brad Neal, Cedar Falls, IA. writes...
I got my jacket & gloves this morning and I'm very impressed. The quality of leather, fit + finish, etc. Is excellent! It fits me perfect. I wanted to thank you for sending it next day air and for being so pleasant to do business with.

Thanks again,
Brad Neal
Cedar Falls, Iowa


Greg R. White writes...
I would like to thank all the folks at Z for your outstanding help with my Z Custom Leathers road racing suit. When I sent my leathers to your company to be repaired and cleaned, they were in "bad" shape (understatement). I had the worst weekend of my racing career at the WERA Grand National Finals held at Road Atlanta. I had three get-offs in one weekend. Not only did the leathers hold up every time, but the gloves did as well. However, those falls were not without consequence. As we all know, the pavement does enough to dirty leathers, but how about three soil samples from that red Georgia clay? What a mess.

When I received my leathers in Phoenix for the opening round of the AMA "Professional" Superbike Series, I could not believe my eyes. These leathers looked like they had just come off the rack. They were pleasing to the eye for the first time since my crash in 1995! For those folks who had raced with me for two years, they could not believe it either. I wanted to send this letter as an extension of my most sincere THANK YOU, because Z is unparalleled in an industry that lacks so many quality manufacturers!

See ya' at the races!

Greg R. White
AMA #113 600/750 Supersport
1996 WERA 600 Superbike National Challenge National Champion


"Tracie " writes...
The jacket fits very well. Thank you! I am very pleased. Thank you Adolph for a great tailor job. Also, say thanks to the rest of your staff. Thank you for your cooperation and patience. I will be very careful. : )

I wish you all the best,

P.S. My mother doesn't like the idea that I have a bike - but she does like the jacket!


Timothy J. Newman writes...
I received my leathers and I wanted to let you folks know just how satisfied I am with them. I learned a lot about Z Custom from my younger brother who has been wearing your leathers this riding season. He researched almost every company out there and concluded that Z Custom was the best buy when price and quality are equally important. I could not agree more with his assessment of Z Custom Leathers.

My leathers fit perfect and are super comfortable on the bike. I have a Honda VFR and the leathers are perfect for the sportbike style of riding. I do believe that they will also be comfortable for the long-haul of touring riding that I do 4 or 5 times a season. In 25 years of riding on the street and roadracing (15 years ago ), I have owned many sets of leathers from roadracing one-pieces to separate jackets and pants. I wish I had known about Z Custom before because I spent a ton of cash on leathers of far less quality and fit than this set from you. I very rarely write letters to companies because they often promise more than they can produce. Z Custom Leathers produced a super set of leathers in exactly the time frame promised in exactly the fit I wanted. So, I had to write you this letter to thank you for your superior service.

Once again, thanks for doing exactly what you advertise.

Timothy J. Newman