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Sizing Information - Women

Press HERE for women's measuring diagram. You must print out and complete this form to order by mail, phone, or fax.

Due to the number of options available, we are not able to take your order for custom suits directly through the Internet. To place an order, please Call, FAX or Mail us. Thanks!


1. Have someone measure you, never measure yourself.

2. Keep the measuring tape snug to the body, but not too tight. Do not add to measurements nor "ease" or for comfort, as the desired fit will determine that.

3. Take all measurements with the intended clothing or protective gear you plan to wear under your leathers. If you do not have your back pad, let us know what kind you will wear and we will make allowances.

Have you allowed for: back pad, clothing, growth?

You must indicate your desired fit: Snug, Comfortable, or Loose.

Please include your HEIGHT, WEIGHT & AGE (optional)

*Note: all measurements taken are your responsibility. If leathers do not fit properly and have to be altered, it will be at your expense.

There are 24 points to be measured. Please do each carefully.

1. NECK - Around neck

2. NECK TO WAIST FRONT - From indentation of neck to 1" below naval while standing erect.

3. BUSTPOINT TO SHOULDER - Bustpoint to top of shoulder seam on shirt.

4. UPPER CHEST - taken 3" below indentation of neck, across front of chest only, from crease of arm to crease of arm.

5. CIRCUMFERENCE OF UPPER CHEST - Underneath armpits, measure all the way around the chest.

6. CIRCUMFERENCE OF CHEST / BUSTLINE - Measure all the way around accross the bustline.

6a. BRA AND CUP SIZE - Include bra and cup size.

7. BUSTPOINT TO BUSTPOINT - Accross the front of the bustline only, center of bust (for style lines on garment).

8. MIDRIFF - Taken around the ribcage about 7" above the navel.

9. WAIST -- Around body 1" below navel.

10. CROTCH TO KNEE - Pull up pants semi-snug into crotch and measure to center of knee joint.

11. KNEE TO ANKLE - From center of knee joint to ankle bone.

12. OUTSEAM - From waistline (#6) to ankle bone.

13. SHOULDER TO WRIST - From shoulder socket joint (approximately 1" from end of shoulder muscle) to 1/2" below wrist bone.

14. NECK TO SHOULDER - From base of neck to shoulder socket joint.

15. SHOULDER WIDTH - Accross the back using shoulder joints for reference (about 4" down from base of neck).

16. NECK TO WAIST BACK - From base of neck to 1"below top of waistband of pants while standing erect.

17. BICEP FLEXED - Bend arm halfway, make a tight fist and measure bicep.

18. FOREARM - Bend arm halfway, make a tight fist, measure forearm (approx 1 1/2" below bend of elbow).

19. WRIST - Around wristbone.

20. RISE - Place tape measure 1" above navel, hold in place and bring tape through legs to top of waistband on back of pants.

20a. FRONT RISE - Place tape measure 1" above navel, hold in place and binrg tape through legs to front inner crotch seam of pants.

21. HIPS - Around the fullest part of the seat/ buttock.

22. UPPER THIGH - Measure 1 1/2" down from crotch around the largest part of thigh.

23. CALF - Around calf muscle.

24. ANKLE - Taken 1" above ankle bone.

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