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NEW! Z Pro Carbon Warriors
Available in Black (6108-B), Black/Silver (6108-S), and Black/Red/White (6108-R). Constructed with top quality deer tanned cowhide-for both a soft, supple feel, and high durability.


  • Pre-curved hands for your riding comfort
  • accordion expansion panels on thumbs with two closed cell shock absorbent foam rubber pads on outer thumb tip and joint area
  • Extra leather over each finger with hard plastic carbon fiber pads on the top finger joints toward fingertips
  • Heavy plastic scoop air vents on top of each finger which serves as a dual purpose safety and ventilation feature
  • Top of the hand has a movable hard plastic carbon fiber pad
  • Anatomically formed to the knuckles for hard impact resistance
  • Top of the hand is closed cell padding for additional protection
  • Extra leather protection inside palm, extending to outer side palm and pinky finger for maximum abrasion and sliding protection
  • Extra leather inside index finger and thumb
  • Flexible carbon fiber 3" x 1 ½" pad on top of gauntlet by outer wrist for additional sliding protection
  • Stretchable elastic on top of wrists with adjustable Velcro tab closure underneath
  • Adjustable Velcro tab at gauntlet (Gauntlet is 13 3/4" around to fit nicely over leathers)
Price: $90.00

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Z-Custom jackets now feautures Kevlar fabric as an option. The Kevlar is in a "Y" shape at the leg/groin inseam and underneath the armpit and sleeve area. Also, we are building back pads into the liners of our suits. By stitching a pocket into the lining, the back pad stays in the proper position and you don't have to worry about straps around your waist. A very popular new feature.